Monday, March 13, 2017


Often around Easter questions will arise in the minds of those celebrating the anniversary of Christ's death and resurrection. Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead "on the third day" or "after three days" according to the New Testament? Did He eat the Passover meal or was the Last Supper held before Passover? On what day of the week was the Crucifixion of Jesus? All of these questions, and others as well, are related to the issue at hand...

Here are a couple of papers (free .pdf files) that I have written over the years. The short version was published (2007) as an appendix in Broadman's Harmony of the Gospels for the Holman Christian Standard Version of the Bible:

 For those inquiring minds that have other questions, here is a link to a much longer .pdf with quite a few charts. This was a seminar paper that I wrote in the early 90's for a New Testament seminar on the Gospels:

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Siga Me... A Follow Up Book for New Christians (for My Friends from Brazil and Portuguese Language Speakers)

On Mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008

Airton Santos, my translator and dear friend
This is the Portuguese language version of Follow Me that was translated from English into Portuguese by a very dear friend of mine named Airton Santos (in the picture above translating for me). Airton is truly a gifted brother in Christ that I have been blessed to work with in ministry in Brazil and the United States across many years now.

I originally wrote Follow Me as a follow up book for new Christians while serving as a pastor and being disappointed with other offerings for new believers in print. It was also written with a mission trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil in mind. This means that this book should be of great help to someone from a nominal catholic background who wants to know more about what the Bible says about following Jesus Christ.

This little book is what I wish someone would have given me when I first trusted in Jesus. It is easy to download, read, and share with others via email.

My prayer is that it will help many new believers as they start their pilgrimage following the Lord Jesus Christ. The English version is available through the "FREE BOOK" link at the top right side of this blog. The Portuguese version is available through the link below.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Against the "gods" of Egypt...

Have you ever thought about the narrative of the 10 plagues in the book of Exodus? According to Exodus 12:12, the LORD used 10 plagues to show His power over all of the false gods and goddesses of the Egyptians. How could 10 plagues show God's power over more than 2,200 plus deities of the Egyptians? If you are interested, here are a few thoughts I jotted down from about 1987-1995.

Free book download (.pdf):

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Gospel of John: Seven Signs, Seven Feasts, Seven Discourses--And the Seventh Old Testament Quotation... Isaiah 53

Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah
Surveying the twenty-one chapters of the Gospel of John, it is interesting to consider the groups of seven that occur in this Gospel.  The significance of this number begins in Genesis with the seven days of creation and echoes all the way to the sevens of the book of Revelation (seals, trumpets, bowls, thunders, etc.) which was also written by John.   

The apostle frames his quotation of Isaiah 53, his seventh Old Testament quotation, between the seven signs and the seven discourses that occurred at the time of the seventh feast that he mentioned in the Gospel. John indicated in 20:30-31 that these seven signs were selected "that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ." After the signs he noted that although Jesus had performed so many miracles some still did not believe... that the prophecy of Isaiah 53 would be fulfilled--"Who has believed our report?"

In this way he follows the same emphasis of the Apostle Peter who wrote that we have received "a more sure word of prophecy" through the witness of the Old Testament scriptures.  It is "more sure" than even eyewitness accounts or the miracles experienced. John frames Isaiah 53 at the center of the Gospel.

                                                             7th feast begins
1 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21
 7 signs     7 discourses
                                                            Isaiah 53
                                                            7th OT quotation
7 signs + the Resurrection
1.      At Cana (2:11)At the wedding.
2.      At Cana (4:54) - Healing the official’s son.
3.      In Jerusalem (5:8-9) - Healing the paralytic.
4.      Across the Sea of Galilee (6:1-12) -Feeding the multitude.
5.      On the Sea of Galilee (6:19-20) - Calming the storm.
6.      In Jerusalem (6-9) - Healing the man born blind.
7.      Near Jerusalem (11:43-44) - Raising Lazarus.

7 feasts of the Jews mentioned
1.      (Booths?) unnamed Feast (John 1, Jesus’ return to Galilee, His 30th year).
2.      Feast of Passover (2:13, Jesus’ 31st year).
3.      Unnamed Feast (5:1, a Sabbath).
4.      Feast of Passover (6:4) (Jesus 32nd year).
5.      Feast of Booths (7:2).
6.      Feast of the Dedication (Hanukkah, 10:22).
7.      Feast of Passover (12:1) (Jesus’ 33rd year).

7 discourses with Jesus (questions)
1.      Response to Phillip and Andrew (12:22).
2.      Response to the people (12:29-50).
3.      Responses to Peter (13:6-14:4).
4.      Response to Thomas (14:5-7).
5.      Response to Phillip (14:8-21).
6.      Response to Judas (not Iscariot) (14:22-16:16).
7.      Response to all disciples (16:17-33).
High Priestly Prayer (17)

12 quotations from the Old Testament
1:23, 2:17, 6:31, 10:34, 12:13, 12:15, 12:38,*
12:40, 13:18, 19:24, 19:36, 19:37
The seventh (12:38) is from Isaiah 53.* 
(Three are from Isaiah, 2 from Zechariah, and the rest are from Psalms).