Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Israel mentioned on Egyptian Pedestal Relief 200 years before the Merneptah Stele?

There is an interesting debate that has begun over an inscription in a German museum that has been in their archives for over 100 years. Recently scholarly attention turned to the third captive group mentioned on the "Berlin Statue Pedestal Relief" as it has been dubbed.

The case is being made that the heiroglyphic designation dated to about 1400 BC names (alongside Ashkelon and Canaan)... Israel. This mention would predate the dearliest known mention of Israel (the Merneptah Stele) by 200 years. Those who hold to an early date for the Exodus event will welcome this interesting discussion.

I find it also interesting to compare the cap on the head of the captive on the pedestal relief (third figure from the left to the right above) with the figure (Jehu or his representative) on the Black Obelisk of Shalmanesar III (~825 BC, below).

Israel in Canaan (Long) Before Pharaoh Merenptah? A Fresh Look at Berlin Statue Pedestal Relief 21687 http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/12188019/1784144774/name/Jaei2-4VanDerVeenEtAl.pdf